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St. Roch

Saint Roch was born in 1295 in Montpellier in France with a mark of a red cross on his chest at birth. His parents envisioned that he would be a man of fortitude, and baptized him with the name of Roch (like rock). He came from a noble family. When his parents died he inherited great wealth as he was the only child. He gave his wealth to the poor and devoted his life to helping the plague-stricken and sick. His miraculous powers were known to have cured many with the “Sign of the cross”. His love for the works of mercy led him to give a hand and cure anyone in need.

He travelled and visited a few cities in Italy to help with the sick, without any fear of the Black Death. He was appreciated by all, but after a few years he also became sick, and decided to come back to France. Upon his arrival back to Montepellier nobody could recognize him anymore. His own body was deformed due to his sickness.  He refused to disclose his identity; he was arrested as a spy and cast into prison by his uncle governor where he died in 1327. Only at the end someone recognized him, and all acclaimed him as a saint.

In 1414 during the reign of Constance, the plague broke out in that city, the Council of Fathers ordered public prayers and procession in honour of Saint Roch and immediately the plague ceased.

Saint's Prayers

About the Saint

Feast Day:
The Feast of Saint Roch is the 16th August.
Patron of:
Saint Roch is the patron Saint of the sick (Plague). He is also the patron Saint of dogs and Falsely accused people.
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