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I have been coming here (St Joseph’s Church Victoria Street) for the past month praying and asking St Joseph my guardian saint to intercede on my behalf. I am a self employed consultant with no sales for the past 5 months. But recently I signed s new sales contract. Thank you God and St Joseph.

In Jesus Name, I pray.

Your loving son

Thank you St Jude for answers to my prayers. I was able to sell my house without any difficulties. Every time I reach out to you, you have always granted my prayers.
To everyone who is reading this please do not give your hope. Keep praying to St Jude he will help for sure.

R. George

Dearest Lady of Fatima,

Thank you so so much for all your love for us, everlasting, never fading, never ending….. all these years. We cannot tell you how much we are indebted to you.

Thank you, Mother.

Your loving daughter
May 2023

Dearest St Anthony & Infant Jesus,

Today we are here to thank you and Infant Jesus for praying for me to be able to get a tenant for my shop. The answer to my prayer required a miracle. Thank you so much for praying for me. Thank you for whispering my petition and prayers into the ears of sweet infant Jesus. The gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Thank you for helping me many times.

Your loving daughter
26 March 2023

Dearest Lord Jesus,

I can never thank you enough, you have helped me many times when I need your help. I believe in you and I was very sure you will hear my prayers. Thank you so very much for hearing St Anthony’s prayers too. I asked him to pray for me. Lord, you have sent E to rent my shop, please continue to help her to do well, and also that she will pay the rental promptly and be good friends with me. Lord Jesus, we (my husband and I) are here to thank you for your love and care.

Lord please bless us and my children’s family good health, peace and love.

Thank you my Lord and my God.

26 March 2023

Dearest St Jude,

I would like to thank you very very much for answering my prayer and looking after A and Em. Please St Jude, continue to look after A, give him the strength and also that he will never do anything to hurt himself. Make A to be strong, humble and down to earth. Thank you very much for helping A to get a rented house. Please St Jude, lift A when he’s down. Thank you very very much St Jude. I can never make it without you. Please continue to answer my prayers.

Your loving daughter

My husband was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. We went through so much but we continued to ask St Joseph and Our Mother Mary to pray for us and to help us. My husband is now on the road to complete remission. Thank you St Joseph for your powerful intercession to our Lord on my family’s behalf. Thank you for all that you have done for us. Thank you also for listening to my prayer requests. I will honor and love you always and forever! Please continue to bless, protect and heal my husband, AMEN!

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