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Dear St Joseph Church,

I prayed the ‘Novena for the Sick’ through the intercession of St. Josemaria, using the brochure I obtained from the Saint Joseph Church a few months back. My brother in law was having post operative complications from his surgery of appendicitis and colon in Singapore 2 weeks ago. His complications included leakage from the colon surgery causing infection. He was rushed for emergency second operation under a critical condition. After the second surgery, he was put in ICU with intubation for 3 days and the situation then was rather critical. Thank you Lord for giving my brother in law the instinct to decide to ask for second opinion from a second surgeon, for giving the wisdom to the surgeon and team of doctors to have that life saving and successful second operation; and for giving him the will power to fight during that critical phase when the odds were staggering against him after the second operation. Thank you Lord for your amazing Grace and for giving him a second lease of life. He will be discharged from the hospital this afternoon after 2 weeks of trials & tribulation. Praise the Lord. Amen.